Enterprenuer Unique Group as a company will provide you both guidance in terms of your idea evaluation and to take you to a level where you understand your idea can be realized or not. Not only this, but when your idea is groomed up EnUGro gives you fundamental ingredients of a start up like funds, operational guidance, etc. We are trying to build up a saving which we may put on risk when we retire as we won’t have good retirement plans. Enugro helps you by giving you a growth path by which you achieve milestones slowly and steadily to be future ready.

We think that you are just an idea away to realize your dream.
We believe –
      “Help others to help yourself.”


Our team is specialized in providing an optimized service which is properly tested before delivering, to make the end users life easy and hassle free. Our service products are tested on various features such as supreme quality, utmost satisfaction and ease of operation by our team of highly experienced professionals from different fields. In today's world of variety, we as users are left in the state of lot of confusion. We provide a platform were you can choose, compare and decide at the same time among various possible alternatives.


We specialize in converting ideas into an IT service product in a very optimized way. Our idea once realized and implemented grow automatically and generates high profits. We do a lot of research and analysis before implementing so as to minimize the risks associated with it. Idea evaluation is the key to success.

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    Aarti Gupta, ENUGRO

    Enugro was started with just an idea and tons of enthusiasm. Enugro transforms services into ideas to generate a service product. Our main focus is to deliver the best quality of services which will make your present easy and a click away for all those daily chores which might leave you with endless nightmares.

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