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Initially you will join EnUGro’s family as a investor and eventually you will become an ENTREPRENEUR. You get a controlled environment where you grow according to your potential. From a birds eye view, you start as an investment company and grow towards startup company to realize your dream. Our logo correctly portrays what we aspire to do. We think that you are just an idea away to realize your dream.
We believe –
         “Help others to help yourself.”

Future Ready

The most worrisome part of a professional is about getting retired. Thats why we are trying to build up a saving which we may put on risk when we retire as we won’t have good retirement plans. Enugro helps you by giving you a growth path by which you achieve milestones slowly and steadily to be future ready.

Knight in Shinning Armor (Security)

We dream of being a professional or starting up a venture. Typically we all realize that we are not secured in our professional career. But do you think the person who opens a venture is secured?

    Few facts:

      • Almost 99% of startup companies closes within a year.
      • Most start-ups fail due to lack of foresight, lack of wiggle room in the business plan, bad timing, or lack of funding.

      EnUGro as a company will provide you both guidance in terms of your idea evaluation and to take you to a level where you understand your idea can be realized or not.

      Not only this, but when your idea is groomed up EnUGro gives you fundamental ingredients of a start up like funds, operational guidance, etc.

Growth with ENUGRO

We have been facing this issue in our professional career that we deserve better growth than what we actually get. What this system will bring out from you is your true potential and you grow according to your potential.

Roadmap as an investor

You can join company as an investor/shareholder with a principle amount of Rs.2 lakhs only (capital investment), with a money back commitment via 6 months post dated cheque.

To guarantee security and growth, an annual 10% return (fixed deposit) is promised which grows as you mature as investor

After crossing a few more levels you become the owner of your own company.

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